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"Tips for recruiting and sustaining neurodivergent talent in the modern workplace"

Henrietta Bannister is a University of Cambridge graduate, former digital director and currently an organisational strategy consultant helping companies with Recruitment, Company Culture and wider, Organisational Transformation. She is also autistic. Coming from a generation where autism was seen as ‘lesser’, she has found many work places slow to adapt to a modern view of neurodiversity. She is a passionate advocate for neurodiverse workplaces and wants to help employers understand ways they can build truly inclusive environments that nurture everyone - whatever type of brain they have!

This webinar includes tips, from Henrietta's personal experience, on ways employers can create the foundations of a truly inclusive work environment.

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Free · 25 May 2022
Tips for recruiting and sustaining neurodivergent talent in the modern workplace

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Training 01

Autism Awareness Training

In this training session you will learn about Autism, what it is and why it works; and how the workplace can benefit from employing people with Autism. Autism is a competitve advantage.

Autism Friendly Certificate

Training 02

Steps to successfully employ people with Autism

In this training session you will discover why neurodiversity is a competitive advantage . You will also learn about autism employment, benefits of the autistic brain in the workplace and the steps to successfully employ people with autism.

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Strategies to support and retain autistic talent in the workplace

In this training session you will learn about creating a personalised work assessment, a welcoming and supportive workplace, creation of an autism hub in the workplace, the value of performance feedback and access to external support.

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For neurodiverse employers

  • Orient your employee and train them on specific job duties

  • Addressing difficulties

  • Implementing existing strategies

  • Making new reasonable adjustments in the workplace

  • Creating a better inclusive workplace

For neurodiverse people

  • Customer / colleagues relations

  • Socialising at break times and outside of work

  • Understanding different organisational cultures

  • Personal wellbeing / boost of self-esteem

“The training was entertaining, informative and engaging. We liked the examples used and the fact autism was put in a positive light.”


“I now feel more confident about supporting a person with autism because I understand why they react to things differently” “I really liked the personal stories and the interactive games”, “Having worked 1:1 many years ago with a child with autism, I find the training beneficial and refreshing”

Westbourne EYC, London

“Thank you so much for the training, your passion for deepening awareness about Autism was evident and contagious. The course was informative and useful, thank you.”


“Great orange description, you definitely sold it”, “Very useful and interesting”, “Very clear strategies about how to best support people with Autism” “Enjoyed it 100%. I have a better understanding now”


“It was fascinating and offered so much information and thinking about autism”. “It is wonderful that you are taking this training out into the wider world and finding so many different work placements for our students - changing their world and the wider world!"

School governors, The Courtyard

“I feel more confident after the training and I feel I have a better understanding of how to work more effectively with people with Autism”, “Training delivered in a fun informative way”, “Loved the focus on positivity, strengths of people with Autism”, “The speaker was very engaging”


“The training was very dynamic, interactive, fun and informative.”

Urban Hope Youth Centre