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LNSEN aims to increase neurodiversity awareness and create more opportunities for neurodiverse people by helping companies and employers understand the benefits of having a neurodiverse workplace where everyone can thrive together.

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"Tips for recruiting and sustaining neurodivergent talent in the modern workplace"

Henrietta Bannister is a University of Cambridge graduate, former digital director and currently an organisational strategy consultant helping companies with Recruitment, Company Culture and wider, Organisational Transformation. She is also autistic. Coming from a generation where autism was seen as ‘lesser’, she has found many work places slow to adapt to a modern view of neurodiversity. She is a passionate advocate for neurodiverse workplaces and wants to help employers understand ways they can build truly inclusive environments that nurture everyone - whatever type of brain they have!

This webinar includes tips, from Henrietta's personal experience, on ways employers can create the foundations of a truly inclusive work environment.

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Free · 25 May 2022
Tips for recruiting and sustaining neurodivergent talent in the modern workplace
Matt Davis

“I believe having a workforce that embraces neurodiversity enhances its culture. People think differently and behave more positively. There’s also more understanding and more compassion. Everyone does better. Win, win.”

Matt Davis, Co-Owner of Red Brick Road
Billy Chandler

“This goes for every workplace out there — I would like to see more inclusion of workers with physical and mental disabilities in workplaces, no matter the disability, if they're qualified for the job, they're qualified for the job."

Billy Chandler, Events Host at Royal Museums Greenwich, Autism Champion Ambassador

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