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Autism and self-employment/ entrepreneurship

Cherry Cheung is a Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University since 2013 and is currently also a part-time PhD candidate at University of Liverpool. Cherry was clinically diagnosed as autistic in 2017 and has since picked up academic and out-reach activities related to autism and supporting autistic people. She has organised a successful conference named “Autistic Entrepreneurs” at London South Bank University. She has also been an invited speaker for the Courtyard School, University of Essex and Women's Radio Station; and has co-run a business workshop supporting aspiring autistic entrepreneurs with her team. Having the lived experience of facing challenges in seeking and maintaining employment (Cherry was an in-house lawyer before entering into the academia in late 2009), although she is happy with her current employment, Cherry and her research colleagues believe that self-employment could be an alternative path that helps autistic persons. Through self-employment/ entrepreneurship, autistic persons may find opportunities to engage in wealth creation while at the same time challenging the expected norms of legitimacy and social identities. It may also facilitate the autistic persons in finding meaningfulness at work, lead to better mental health and even human flourishing. With this belief, Cherry is currently launching a research project regarding autism and self-employment/ entrepreneurship. She has received the ethics approval from both of her employer (London South Bank University, the primary approver) and the University of Liverpool that has granted the recognition of the ethics approval from LSBU. In this talk, Cherry will share her experience and challenges that she faces as an autistic person in the context of employment and her past projects and the upcoming project. There will be Q&A session after the talk, and Cherry is happy to stay online after the scheduled time if the audience would like to further the discussion. Don't miss out on this webinar with Cherry on Friday 2nd December at 2.15pm Looking forward to seeing you there!

Free · 2 December 2022
Matt Davis

“I believe having a workforce that embraces neurodiversity enhances its culture. People think differently and behave more positively. There’s also more understanding and more compassion. Everyone does better. Win, win.”

Matt Davis, Co-Owner of Red Brick Road
Billy Chandler

“This goes for every workplace out there — I would like to see more inclusion of workers with physical and mental disabilities in workplaces, no matter the disability, if they're qualified for the job, they're qualified for the job."

Billy Chandler, Events Host at Royal Museums Greenwich, Autism Champion Ambassador

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