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LNSEN aims to increase neurodiversity awareness and create more opportunities for neurodiverse people by helping companies and employers understand the benefits of having a neurodiverse workplace where everyone can thrive together.

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We work with employers and companies to improve employment outcomes for neurodiverse people.

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We provide education on the benefits of a neurodiversity workplace and why it is a competitive advantage.

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"How being diagnosed with ADHD in my fifties has changed my life"

You can't miss our next webinar on Friday 24th at 1pm with Marc Whitmore, an experienced and award winning Senior HR Leader and business owner endorsed by Influence Digest as one of the ⭐️Top 20 Coaches in Liverpool⭐️ Marc Whitmore has been running his coaching practice for 5 years working with leaders on their careers and leadership skills.  Before then he worked in Financial Services for 25 years and latterly as a senior HR leader.  A year ago at the age of 52 Marc was diagnosed with ADHD. In the webinar Marc will share his understanding of ADHD and how it affects him, what it means to have ADHD, and how his diagnosis has changed his life.  He will discuss the strengths ADHD brings him and the challenges he can face.  A year on from his diagnosis, what does the future look like for Marc?

**The webinar will be live on LinkedIn. If you would like to join us, please click on this link, press the attend button, and add the event to your calendar. On the day of the event, Friday the 24th, you will be reminded to join the event. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: lnsen@smmathecourtyard.org**

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Free · 24 March 2023
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Matt Davis

“I believe having a workforce that embraces neurodiversity enhances its culture. People think differently and behave more positively. There’s also more understanding and more compassion. Everyone does better. Win, win.”

Matt Davis, Co-Owner of Red Brick Road
Billy Chandler

“This goes for every workplace out there — I would like to see more inclusion of workers with physical and mental disabilities in workplaces, no matter the disability, if they're qualified for the job, they're qualified for the job."

Billy Chandler, Events Host at Royal Museums Greenwich, Autism Champion Ambassador

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