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LNSEN aims to increase neurodiversity awareness and create more opportunities for neurodiverse people by helping companies and employers understand the benefits of having a neurodiverse workplace where everyone can thrive together.

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We work with employers and companies to improve employment outcomes for neurodiverse people.

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We provide education on the benefits of a neurodiversity workplace and why it is a competitive advantage.

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My experiences of education and the workplace as a neurodivergent individual

Join us for an enlightening and inspiring session with Niraj Shah, an accomplished autistic consultant at LCP, as he shares his unique journey of navigating the realms of education and the workplace as a neurodivergent individual.

🧠 Insights and Experiences: Niraj will delve into his personal experiences, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs he faced while pursuing education and establishing a successful career. His story is a testament to the resilience and potential of neurodivergent individuals.

πŸš€ Navigating the Workplace: Gain invaluable insights and practical tips on how neurodivergent individuals and recent school leavers can confidently enter the workplace. Niraj will share strategies for overcoming hurdles and embracing opportunities, providing a roadmap for a successful transition into professional life.

🌐 Creating an Inclusive Environment: Niraj will also address employers, offering guidance on fostering an inclusive workplace environment. Learn about the benefits of neurodiversity, and discover practical steps and policies that organizations can implement to support and accommodate neurodivergent individuals.

🀝 Q&A Session: Engage in a live Q&A session with Niraj, where you can pose your questions and seek personalized advice. Whether you're a student, a job seeker, or an employer looking to enhance workplace inclusivity, this is your chance to gain valuable insights directly from someone who has navigated these experiences firsthand.

🌈 Diversity, Inclusion, and Beyond: This session goes beyond awareness, aiming to empower individuals and organizations to embrace diversity and foster an environment where everyone can thrive.

Don't miss this opportunity to hear from Niraj, a trailblazer in the neurodiversity space, and gain actionable insights that can positively impact your educational journey, professional career, or organizational culture.

πŸ”— Register on LinkedIn **The webinar will be live on LinkedIn. If you would like to join us, please click on this link, press the attend button, register and add the event to your calendar. On the day of the event, Friday 19th January, you will be reminded to join the event. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us: lnsen@smmathecourtyard.org**

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you there!

Free Β· 19 January 2024
Matt Davis

β€œI believe having a workforce that embraces neurodiversity enhances its culture. People think differently and behave more positively. There’s also more understanding and more compassion. Everyone does better. Win, win.”

Matt Davis, Co-Owner of Red Brick Road
Billy Chandler

β€œThis goes for every workplace out there β€” I would like to see more inclusion of workers with physical and mental disabilities in workplaces, no matter the disability, if they're qualified for the job, they're qualified for the job."

Billy Chandler, Events Host at Royal Museums Greenwich, Autism Champion Ambassador

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